Corporate Responsibility means having in place the right policies, systems and procedures to ensure that activities result in a positive socio-economic impact and respect for the environment.

Through its oil and gas exploration and production activities, Eos Petro is confronted with extremely diverse working environments. The Company operates in some of the most affluent, developed and regulated areas of the world, as well as in remote areas which face serious socio-economic challenges.

Eos Petro’s Corporate Responsibility commitment consists in putting in place the necessary measures to ensure that, wherever it operates, its activities have a beneficial socio-economic effect in the area and a limited impact on the environment.

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In order that there be no doubt as to the nature and extent of its commitment, Eos Petro’s Management and Board of Directors have developed a set of corporate guidelines on responsible business practices which set out the principles by which Eos Petro is guided and describes the responsibilities it has towards its shareholders, employees, host countries, local communities, and society at large.

While these guidelines provide the basic framework for Eos Petro’s Corporate Responsibility approach, dedicated policies on Health and Safety, Environment (HSE), and Community Relations underline those areas which the Company considers of critical importance to its operations.

To be fully effective, however, Corporate Responsibility must go beyond the formulation of policies and procedures. It must be an integral part of the corporate culture. There must be a common understanding throughout the Company that the manner in which the company does business has a direct impact on performance and therefore on market perception.

At Eos Petro, the call for corporate responsibility came from senior management, but it is a message that has found echo in all the echelons of the organization.



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