Eos Business Model:

Organic Value Creation

Eos Petro ("Eos" or "the Company") is an international and domestic exploration and production company based in Southern California. From the very beginning, Eos has maintained the belief that it could leverage talent, technology, data, investors, and the best sponsors and partners to create one of the most efficient and technologically advanced drilling E&P companies in the world. The Company has assembled a team of industry veterans and is building a portfolio of what it believes could be world class properties. The first aspect to this forward-looking structure is the quality and experience of Eos’ Management and Board of Directors, who collectively bring almost 120 years of combined global E&P experience to ensure that Eos locates and exploits the very best hydrocarbon targets, both in the domestic United States and worldwide. The second aspect is the potential of Eos’ initial properties as an indication of both superior production potential, and as a prologue to the type and quality of global targets on which the Company is focused.


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As an international oil and gas exploration and production company operating globally and domestically, Eos’ mandate is to explore for and produce oil and gas in the most economically efficient, socially responsible, and environmentally acceptable way, to enhance shareholder value, to attract and retain the best employees, and to structure the most mutually beneficial co-ventures.

Eos is constantly looking for established production and reserve assets to add to its portfolio. The Company is currently evaluating two opportunities – both onshore and off – with the potential of significant proven and potential oil and gas yields.


Resources and Financing

Eos has a strategic and economic financial commitment of $400 million from GEM Global Yield Fund to support Eos Petro and its subsidiaries in their offshore endeavors in the African continent.


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Eos Petro is pursuing the following strategy:

  • Proactively investing in exploration and acquisition of current production to organically grow its reserve base.
  • Exploiting its existing asset base with a proactive subsurface strategy to enhance ultimate hydrocarbon recovery.
  • Acquiring new hydrocarbon reserves, resources and exploration acreage where opportunities exist to enhance value.


Eos Subsidiary:

Plethora Energy

Plethora Energy is an oil and gas company with a special focus on Africa. The Company's goal is to explore for and produce oil and gas in the most economically efficient, socially responsible and environmentally acceptable way.

Areas of interest include Ghana, Liberia, Equitorial Guinea, the Republic of Chad, and Libya.



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