What is the stock symbol and CUSIP number for Eos Petro’s shares?

Eos Petro’s stock symbol is EOPT and the CUSIP number is 0001419583. (CUSIP stands for Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures, an American Bankers Association entity that developed a system to uniquely identify securities trading in the United States.) Eos Petro shares are listed on the OTC Bulletin Board.

How can I purchase Eos Petro stock?

You may purchase shares directly from a broker or from another stockholder.

Who is the stock transfer agent for Eos Petro?

The transfer agent for Eos Petro’s common stock is:

Colonial Stock Transfer Co, Inc.
66 Exchange Place, Ste 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Where can a potential investor get information about Eos Petro?

Eos Petro’s SEC filings are made available over the Internet by various service providers, including the Eos Petro website’s SEC Filings page, or you can search and download the information directly from the SEC website, at www.sec.gov.

Who is on Eos Petro’s Board?

Biographies of Eos Petro’s directors and related information can be found on the Directors and Advisors page of Eos Petro’s website.

Who are the corporate officers of Eos Petro?

Biographies of Eos Petro’s corporate officers and related information can be found on the Executive Management page of Eos Petro’s website.

How do I contact Eos Petro Investor Relations?

The easiest way to reach Eos Petro’s IR group is by email at m.briola@motionfc.com. You can find additional contact information on the Contact page.



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