Eos Petro’s Policies set out Company expectations regarding the protection and promotion of Health, Safety, Environment, Community Relations, and Anti-corruption.

Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of Eos Petro to conduct all its operations in a manner which protects people and property, and which complies with all applicable legislation. Eos Petro recognizes that prevention of accidents and ill health is essential to the efficient operation of its business. Accordingly, the control and management of health and safety issues commands at least equal prominence, when balanced against operational and commercial considerations.

Eos Petro’s principal health and safety objective is to provide a safe working environment for employees, contract personnel, and members of the general public who may be put at risk by the activities of the company.

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Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Eos Petro to ensure that exploration and production operations are conducted in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and, as a minimum, meet company-specified environmental procedures and programmes.

Eos Petro is committed to the protection of the environment in which its activities are conducted. Eos Petro also emphasises the importance of conservation and the need to minimise the effects of pollution within the scope of its operations. The Company will co-operate with industry, government, and the public on programs to protect the environment.

Eos Petro will provide the necessary training for its employees to ensure that they have the knowledge and capability to conduct operations in a manner that is consistent with sound environmental practices. Eos Petro will also provide the necessary resources, advice, and guidance to ensure implementation and communication of this policy, monitor and audit all aspects of its compliance, and develop contingency plans for emergency situations.

Community Relations Policy

It is the policy of Eos Petro, while engaging in oil exploration and production activities, to operate in a manner that is consistent with the welfare of neighboring communities.

Eos Petro seeks to contribute to enhancing the living standards and well being of the people in the areas it operates, by hiring local staff and participating in local projects. Depending on the needs and circumstances prevailing in the area, Eos Petro will contribute to community development projects aimed at improving the level of health, education, and welfare services.

These activities are carried out in consultation with representatives of the local community and other stakeholders.

Anti-Corruption Policy

It is the policy of Eos Petro to conduct its operations in an honest, transparent and ethical manner, observing the highest standards of professional integrity and complying with applicable international and national legislation.

Eos Petro prohibits all forms of corruption, direct as well as indirect, active as well as passive, wherever it has activities. Corruption may include, among others, abuse of function, breach of trust, bribery, embezzlement, extortion, facilitation payments, fraud, kickbacks, trading in influence, etc.



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