The object of Eos Petro’s business is to explore, develop and produce oil and gas and to develop other energy resources, as laid down in its Articles of Incorporation. The Company aims to create value for its shareholders through exploration and organic growth. To achieve this value creation, Eos Petro applies a governance structure that favors a straightforward decision making processes, with easy access to the relevant decision makers, while nonetheless providing the necessary checks and balances for the control of the activities, both operationally, and financially.

Eos Petro adheres to principles of corporate governance found in both internal and external rules and regulations.

Eos Petro’s Articles of Incorporation

Eos Petro’s Articles of Incorporation, which form the basis of the governance of the Company’s operations, set forth the Company’s name, the seat of the Board, the object of the business activities, the shares and share capital of the Company, and contain rules with respect to the Shareholders’ Meetings.



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